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We're very excited about our next FREE screening at Videology in Williamsburg on Monday, April 27 from 9:00pm on.
One of our favourite filmmakers, Xiangjun Shi, had her film ‘Why do i study physics?’, from our DFF 2014 official selection, featured by The Atlantic as one of their Editor’s Picks.
As DFF 2015 approaches and we celebrate another amazing set of non professional short films (April 9th, Castro Theatre, SF) the latest effort from Emmy Award winning Director,Tristan Pope, "Romance in NYC" caught our eye. Shot entirely on an iPhone 6 the plan was to capture the everyday between a boyfriend and his girlfriend and to Pope the process of shooting on an iphone was just as intriguing as the actual film.
Welcome to; the digital home of the Disposable Film Festival. The DFF is dedicated to celebrating short film made using every day technology. As long as it’s innovative, imaginative and non professional we want you to share your films with us so we can share them with the world.
We're very excited about our next FREE screening at Videology in Williamsburg on Friday, February 6th from 8:30pm - 10:30pm.
2014 Disposable Film Festival Competitive Shorts
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March 20th 2014. With blue skies over head, crowds gathered, tickets were bought and corn was popped as film fans from far and wide lined up to enjoy the 7th Annual Disposable Film Festival
A collection of interviews with award-winning DFF filmmakers.
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One of the things we value about being able to shoot with the camera in our pocket and share with the world is that issues are brought to the public's attention that would normally go unheard.
On October 15-17 2014 a group of Syrian filmmakers organized a mobile film festival to showcase short films made by citizens, journalists, and Syrians of all backgrounds, on their mobile phones.
In the next couple of weeks Disposable Film will be integrating the VOD service into our site so you can rent and watch directly.
The citizen journalist revolution is now.