Q: So what can I use to make my films?
A: You can use whatever you have available: cell phones, webcam, handycams, DSLRs, whatever you have on hand. Get creative with your equipment, we like that. This festival is about accessibility and strong concepts, not about pixels.

Q: Do I have to pick one of these?
A: No, feel free to use as many as you like.

Q: Can I submit more than one film?
A: Absolutely, feel free to submit as many as you like. Just fill out the submission form for each film you want to submit.

Q: What does 'link to film' on the submission form mean?
A: We ask that you put your submission up on Vimeo, YouTube, etc. first so that our selection committee can review it. If you're selected for the next round, you will be notified by either email or singing telegram.

Q: I've paid $1 for a song on iTunes, does that mean that I have a license to use it in my film?
A: No, paying for a copy of a song and acquiring a license are very different. Music licensing is a complicated thing, and DFF's submission agreement leaves getting the proper license up to you. But there are a lot of great resources for disposable filmmakers out there. We recommend checking out Vimeo's music store to find free or very inexpensive licensed music for your project. Vimeo's Music Store FAQ is also full of great information about music licensing. Some other good places to look are the audio selections on the Creative Commons site, and Jamendo , a music site that uses Creative Commons. You can also contact up and coming bands on sites like Bandcamp or Myspace to see if they would be interested in letting you use their music. You will need a song release, which you can get here.

Q: What happens if I get selected?
A: If your film is chosen by the selection committee, you'll be sent an email which describes how to get us the desired uncompressed format. The reason we ask for this is because most 'save for web' exports from video editing software result in an often highly compressed format. These kinds of videos can have severe quality problems when projected on a large screen (and we'll be projecting your films on as big as we can get it). If your film is selected, you'll be sent a full set of guidelines on how to export an uncompressed file.

Q: I like prizes. If I am selected will I get anything?
A: Yes! You can win lots of stuff. Check our submission page for the most up to date information on prizes.

Major Partners

11th Hour Project
Rickshaw Bagworks
French Embassy in the United States
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