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Artist Spotlight: Alex Itin
Disposable Film Fest Presents
The Films of Alex Itin
Saturday March 6th at 3:30pm

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Bio Alex Itin is the son of an abstract painter and graphic designer from Basel, Switzerland and an actress/fiber artist teacher from Long Island. He made his first film in the fifth grade and had won several national festival awards by high school. He wrote his first novel, "Heroes," fresh out of high school. In college he started to paint in oils and had a lot of early success, showing in galleries alongside his heroes like Willem DeKooning and Franz Kline, while his wearable art was being featured in Vogue and Elle and on T.V. and in movies. In recent years Alex has combined all his talents in a series of films that break every genre. His disposable film POLYETHELENE BAG was a favorite of DFF09, and his ORSON WHALES was selected in this year's competitive shorts category.

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